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Last Updated: Sun, January 5, 2020

In the past, FHA Approved communities were also VA approved. However, that is not the case anymore after 2009, and the VA Condo Approval is now different from the FHA Condo Approval. Therefore, the condominium must first be approved by the VA before you could purchase it using the VA home loans.

The condos that are Accepted Without Conditions mean that you can get a VA mortgage on the condo. However, the condos that are HUD Accepted are ones that have been accepted prior to when FHA/HUD Condo Approval and VA Condo Approval became different. It is a good idea to check with the regional VA office to make sure that the HUD Accepted condo is actually VA approved.

Check out the tool above to find approved VA condos. There are currently 0 approved VA condominiums in the United States. Please read our article if you would like to learn more about VA condos.

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